Choosing the Right Set-up for Bass Fishing

September 1st, 2011

Choosing a good set-up for bass fishing, and proper use of your equipment once you buy it, are equally important for fishing success.
Always begin with a good quality spinning reel and rod, with the drag adjustment on the end of the reel. A rod that is light weight and medium length will give you more “feel’ when hooking the fish. Use a six pound test monofilament line and number four hook. Night crawlers are effective bait for bass fishing. Keep the worms fresh and cold, and while fishing, keep the container out of the sun.
Thread the worm on the hook to cover the hook, and use no weight other than the worm.
Fishing points where the shoreline juts out into the lake, and areas of rocky cliffs, are good spots to fish. Rocky cliffs that extend underwater give the bass shaded spots to hide and watch for food.
Fish from a boat about 15 feet from the shoreline, and cast the worm as close to the shore as possible without landing on the shore where the hook and worm may get caught in the rocks or bushes. Slowly reel the worm back to the boat, keeping the rod tip down toward the water. Always remember to keep the drag on your reel set in a position where a large fish can pull some line out when it fights. This will prevent the fish from breaking the line or hook. Using a six pound test line gives a large fish a fighting chance and will teach you how to “play’ the fish to get it tired before trying to land it in the boat.
There are a variety of suggestions available concerning the best set-up for bass fishing, but the ideas mentioned here have been known to work consistently.

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