Best Baits for Big Bass Fishing

September 12th, 2011

When fishing for big Bass some fisherman like to use Lures, but the best bait to use is by far live bait. There are numerous different types of live bait that can be used to cath big Bass, the one key thing to remember though is the bigger the bait the bigger the Bass. One type of live bait that can be used to catch Bass is baitfish. Baitfish are ussually minows and can be bought or caught. The best types of minows to use when catching Bass are “Shiners” and can be caught in most creeks as well as bought in stores. Another type of live bait that can be used successfully to catch Bass is frogs. Frogs can be found all over the place and make great live bait for big Bass. Along with baitfish and frogs, another option that can be used to catch big bass are salamanders or other similar lizards. If getting a hold of these live baits becomes to much of a hassle you can always use worms, leeches, or certain types of insects. The success on these smaller types of bait might be limited though so the best baits for big Bass fishing would be the larger of the live baits.More info here: You: Fishing: The 5 Best Lures for When the Spawn Is on

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