Choosing the Right Set-up for Panfish

September 9th, 2011

Choosing the right panfish set-up is critical to successful fishing. Panfish is a collective term for edible game fish that do not out grow the size of a fry pan, although they are long enough to be legal. Panfish includes fish such as sunfish, croaker, white and yellow bass, crappies and whitefish, to name a few. Panfish tend to swim in areas where weeds and lily pads are found. They are always on the lookout for a good meal.

Panfish are fairly light fish and tend to be fighters, but not distance runners. An effective rod is a single piece, fast-action rod between 4 and 6 weight. It will be solid enough to bring in the fish and will offer a degree of challenge to make the catch fun. The rod should have casting abilities of 20 to 40 feet as that is the area where panfish will be found.

Choosing the right bait is essential for catching panfish. Fishing flies and lures are effective when fishing for panfish, as they mimic insects and that is a favorite of most panfish. If fishing the weeds, make sure the flies and lures have weed guards or their will a lot of cut lines.

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